Direct Deposit

Start Direct Deposit today and you won’t have to worry about your check being lost, stolen, or misplaced. Your money is in the bank even when you’re our out of town, sick, or just can’t get to the bank. You will need to provide your employer with your credit union Account Number (including what suffix you want the funds to go to Savings or Checking) and RAFE Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number (322281206). A payroll Deduction is the method of having automatic deductions deposited into your designated account, or to automatically make a loan payment.

Wire Transfers

RAFE FCU can wire funds to institutions that are capable of receiving the wired funds.  The member must provide RAFE FCU with the receiving institutions wiring instructions.  

To wire funds to RAFE FCU, give the sending institution the following wiring instructions:

The sender will need to transfer funds to:

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
Routing #122041219,


RAFE Federal Credit Union
Routing #322281206,

For the final credit to: (Member’s name and account number).

Free Notary Service*

This service is available to our members at no cost.

* Available by appointment at the Riverside Branch.